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Saxo Capital Markets offers mobile access to an unrivalled a range of trading products that includes over 179 FX crosses, 8,800 CFDs, 19,000 Stocks, 2,500 ETFs, Futures, Spot Gold and Silver, FX Options and more from all of the major exchanges worldwide.

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Saxo Capital Markets continues to be the preferred provider of online Forex trading for thousands of investors worldwide.

This is a result of aggressive pricing, superior liquidity, outstanding reliability, and last, but not least, a range of more than 179 different Forex crosses.

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Saxo Capital Markets offers traders and investors a balanced and up-to-the-minute view on the markets. Our articles deliver comprehensive news, commentary and analysis on current market action aimed at helping clients make trading decisions, regardless of what they trade.

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Saxo Bank Group Institutional is dedicated to serving the needs of Banks, Brokers, Asset Managers, Money Managers, Hedge Funds, Funds, Introducing Brokers and Broker Dealers for instant access to global financial markets.

Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd is a licensed subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S, an online trading and investment specialist. Saxo Capital Markets serves as the APAC headquarters and holds a capital markets services licence under the Monetary Authority of Singapore; and a commodity broker licence issued by the International Enterprise Singapore.

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  • Recognizing the Demands of Professional Online Traders

Platform features

Our suite of trading platforms has been specifically designed with the serious investor in mind. Offering access to real-time account information, streaming prices and live charting functionalities, our trading tools are an essential component to any trading strategy. Empowering our clients to make informed trading decisions, each of our platforms provides clients a better understanding of trading the financial markets.


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  • Order Types

    The use of orders means that downside losses can be minimised and profits can be locked in if markets move the wrong way.

    Regular stop orders are designed to help protect investments against adverse market moves. Stop orders can be placed along with positions on all instruments for disciplined trading and to limit the risk for excessive losses. This means that investors can leave their trading platform feeling that they have taken measures to limit losses should the market move against them in their absence.

    Stop losses allow for life's eventualities - even the good ones, such as vacations and days off. If one doesn't have access to a computer or the internet or simply do not want to keep a vigilant eye on the markets all day, stop losses allow an extra level of relaxation in knowing that at least the downside of one's trades are somewhat protected.

    Trailing Stops are the lesser-known, lesser-used option. They allow investors to set a pip distance, so if the current price should fall by that number of pips, the position will automatically be sold. If the current price should rise, however, the percentage level is then calculated from the new highest value. Trailing stops can therefore prove an excellent possibility for minimising loss or potentially locking in profits should the markets move against investment positions.

    Both regular stop orders and trailing stops are available to Saxo Capital Markets clients on all trading platforms. Depending on the asset class traded, a variety of stop instruments can be used to match the kind of risk limitations investor's seek.

    Most traders cannot be available 100% of the time. A general stop allows them to sleep more soundly and can be an effective way to protect capital and limit risk. It is also a nice way to limit oneself from intraday price volatility.

  • Charts in SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader

    Clients can benefit from the functionality and features of a professional charting subscription, delivered as standard module in SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader. Not only does the intuitive design offer great usability, but a range of recently introduced features, such as built in order management, will greatly improve your ability to manage orders and current positions.

    Important Note : Please note that the charting functionalities and features described above are for illustration purposes, general information and circulation only. Saxo Capital Markets does not warrant that the information obtained via these charting functionalities and features are accurate, up-to-date or suitable for any particular investment purpose.

    Key features of the charts are:

    Order Management in chart

    Full drag and drop functionality when adding new and amending existing orders allows you to manage orders while never leaving the chart.

      Order Management in chart*

    View multiple instruments

    Analyse the relative strength of two instruments using the comparative chart mode – or simply view multiple instruments with separate price axes.

      View multiple instruments*

    Easy to use annotation tools

    Fast and accurate annotations tools allow you to quickly mark up support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracement levels – and much more!

      Easy to use annotation tools

    55 built-in technical indicators

    The charting module offers a wide range of built-in Trend indicators, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Volume Studies - and more!

      55 built-in technical indicators

    Customization of indicators

    Today's technical traders demand flexibility from their trading software, so all settings of the built-in technical indicators' are highly customizable.

      Customization of indicators

    Period and Range selector

    Quickly switch between various period and range selections with just one click via the new period and range selector grid.

      Period and Range selector*
  • Technical Analysis

    As the online trading market continues to grow in size and knowledge, technical analysis is increasingly being used by traders and investors looking to add an extra element to their trading. The use of technical analysis can be a valuable tool in building a market strategy and maintaining trading discipline. Saxo Capital Markets' online trading platforms have built-in, easy-to-use tools that allow traders to harness the benefits of technical analysis.

    Accessible systematic trading

    Advanced tools like the Saxo Capital Markets technical analysis program, means detailed methods of market study are at the fingertips of the modern online trader. Systematic trading is no longer reserved for institutions and professional money managers – now advanced technical research is within the reach of all investors.

    The technical analysis tool allows:

    • Pattern recognition and analysis: The advanced technical analysis tool offers classic pattern recognition in selected Forex crosses and indices.
    • Technical insight: Review technical events associated with particular instruments.
    • Stock screening: The Technical Stock Screener offers trading ideas based on technical analysis using selected or predefined screening criteria.
    • Customisable charts: Enhanced flexibility allows traders to see the charts and patterns they want.
    • Event alerts: Event Alerts notify individuals when a price or technical event occurs.
    • Other features include: Daily market highlights, trading ideas and product performance outlook.

    Move online trading to an advanced level

    Saxo Capital Markets' easy-to-use program helps traders anticipate price trends in Forex trading and the stock market by analysing price history and looking for patterns and relationships. When predefined criteria are met, users will be aware so they can benefit from all opportunities. It's a bit like having one's own dedicated FX analyst or stock manager on ‘market watch' to find trading opportunities.

    There are many advantages to the innovative technical analysis tool available through Saxo Capital Markets' online trading platforms. Firstly, it offers classic pattern recognition in selected Forex crosses and indices, meaning individuals are alerted when key indicators arise. A Technical Stock Screener offers trading ideas for online trading based on market data by using screening criteria that users either select or input – so investors can actually specify what they want to look for and the format in which the results are delivered.

    Technical analysis education

    Included in the SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader technical analysis program is an educational section that teaches the user about technical analysis, explaining how it offers the opportunity to view the market in a different context from the ‘non-systematic' trader. Everything from Bollinger bands to Gann charts are defined clearly and in explicit detail, including the pros and cons of using each type of analysis.

    As the popularity of technical analysis has grown, it is estimated that in some markets as many as 80% of trading decisions now have a technical rather than fundamental foundation. This statistic shows how in today's uncertain markets, the need for making fully informed trading decisions is more important than ever. The technical analysis tool, combined with the streaming news modules and company-specific information available through Saxo Capital Markets platforms make a powerful combination of trading resources.

    Benefits of a technical or "systematic" approach

    The deployment of predefined rules by which trades are first placed and then managed is currently a growth area for private traders.

    The benefits of such an approach to the market are numerous, with the four main ones being the eschewing of behavioural bias, an emphasis on discipline, the development of a quantitative process and rigorous risk control. A trading system can be relatively easy to both evaluate and risk manage before any capital is put at risk, because the performance characteristics can be observed in advance over a wide range of market conditions.

    Systematic trading means discipline

    The systematic trader observes and assimilates the various technical factors present in the market, making a judgement as to their significance and evolving a strategy to offer the best risk/reward trade for that scenario. However, creating a consistently profitable trading system is an immense challenge and should not be underestimated. Newcomers who think that taking a couple of their favourite technical indicators and wrapping them up with a stop-loss and profit target will be sufficient to achieve their goals, are likely to be disappointed in the long term.

    It is important for traders to create more than a single model applied to a single instrument. A portfolio of carefully chosen diversified models is likely to be more stable, resulting in controlled profit fluctuations and a smoother equity curve. And that means greater leverage opportunity and potential profits.

  • Flexible workspaces

    Fully customisable workspaces offer traders complete control over their online trading environment, putting them in control of their personalised workspace.

    Customisable Views

    In the SaxoWebTrader platform, a variety of views allow for quick, convenient access to any number of screen layouts through the use of tabs along the top of the workspace. There are predefined views but users can easily create their own individual set-up.

    Some example views include:

    • A trading view, dedicated to frequently traded or preferred instruments, complete with trade modules, charts, analysis and news for those instruments.
    • An account view, including the user's current positions and margin, account statement and more detailed account reports.
    • A research view with market reports and upd ates from Saxo Bank and other top market analysts.

    Dockable Panels

    The flexible SaxoTrader platform helps make the best use of available space.

    Space-saving features include:

    • Panels (both single and tabbed groups) can float outside of the platform — perfect if one uses multiple screens.
    • Panels can be tabbed on top of one another.
    • Panels can be docked together.
    • Panels can be hidden when not in use.

    Documents and Panels

    Within SaxoTrader, trading modules and tools can be displayed in different formats. The format chosen depends on the module.

    • Documents — a format best-suited for larger tools that contain a lot of information or text. Documents fill the whole scre en and form the basis of a view.
    • Panels — a more flexible format that allows modules to be located around the documents, moved around the workspace and even placed outside the workspace if one works with multiple screens.


  • Instrument Explorer

    The Instrument Explorer enables fast location of instruments from Saxo Capital Markets' vast range of products.

    The Instrument Explorer helps locate and organise all instruments tradable through the Saxo Capital Markets online trading platforms, acting as a launching pad for all instruments. Once an instrument is selected, it can be charted or traded, while information specific to that instrument can also be viewed.

    From the menus provided, a wide range of financial instruments can be explored, while double-clicking any individual instrument adds it to the Prices and Trade module on the platform. Just three tabs allow the user to choose from the entire list of available instruments, search by typing the instrument name, and to select previously defined favourite instruments.

    The Favourites tab can be used to select instruments traded recently (available through the Recently Traded Instruments folder) or those previously defined as favourites.

    Searching and Filtering

    The Instrument Explorer contains a number of options to facilitate the quick location of instruments:

    • Type just a few letters of the instrument or company name.
    • Deselect products to show only the products of interest.
    • List instruments by industry sector.

    Launch Pad

    Instrument Explorer acts as a launch pad for trading, charting and analysis functions.

    On the trading platform, after selecting one or multiple instruments:

    • Right-click to open a trade module, price module or chart with the instrument(s).
    • Drag instrument(s) to an existing chart or trade module.

    Save Favourites

    Users can add commonly accessed instruments to their Favourites lists to recall them quickly. Recently traded instruments can also be quickly recalled from the Favourites list.


  • Financial calendar

    Economic calendarWe provide clients with a customisable macroeconomic calendar for data events in the major global economies. Data is displayed in time-line sequence and clients can filter by data type, time period and country. The calendar includes, where possible, consensus estimates and the previous value for macroeconomic data. Discover the Financial Calendar.
  • Financial Newswires

    Saxo Capital Markets aims to give clients unrivalled news, information and analysis about the markets on which they wish to trade. That means not only does the Saxo Capital Markets strive to deliver appropriate live market data, but also provide news and analysis on global geopolitics, macroeconomics, currencies, fixed income, equities and commodities. Our aim is to educate clients and give them the confidence to trade on the platforms.



    Dow Jones Newswires
    An account with Saxo Capital Markets gives clients access to breaking news and commentary from Dow Jones Newswires. Dow Jones Newswires, part of News Corporation – one of the world's largest and most renowned news providers, delivers a stream of the most important headlines from the financial markets, and commentary from experienced journalists with a network of professional sources. Dow Jones Newswires is a trusted news source for professional traders and investors worldwide.

    Market News International
    Market News International provides financial market news, focusing on the most timely, insightful, relevant and practical stories and market intelligence all in real time.

    Clients also have access to MNI's FX Bullets service that reports on intraday trading in the major currency markets, economic indicators and other market-moving news. MNI takes pride in its journalists who think like traders, meaning readers get the news and information they need.


  • Other platform features

    Other features of Saxo platforms

    Account Summary

    The account menu can be used to view trades booked, financial statements, open positions and account overviews. Real-time open positions are available through this constantly updating account view in both the new account summary and an open positions module.

    Chat module

    The Chat module is available to certain client segments and is used to communicate online with an Account Executive through a sequence of short messages.

    All messages sent and received through the Chat module are logged in the Chat Log (Account > Summary > Activity Log tab). Check the 'Chat' checkbox, define the time period for the chat history required, then click Show.

    Price Board

    Integrating all trading products into a single trade module, the price board on the platforms allows traders to monitor market prices for many instruments from a single price list, and trade directly on these live prices.