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​​​​​Trade 182 FX crosses - inlcuding Spot Gold and Silver - 7,000 CFDs, 23 Index-tracking CFDs, ETFs, and Stocks from 36 exchanges, as well as FX Options, Futures contracts and other derivatives. All on a trading platform that defines the best in the business. 
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Saxo Capital Markets is the service provider with a comprehensive range of exchange-traded products and derivatives, and only one to offer collateral on stocks.

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​​​Saxo Group enables institutional clients and customers to trade multiple assets via our platform or a FIX API connection. We support brokers, proprietary traders and asset managers with lquidity tailored to their business needs.



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The Saxo Bank Group won the “Best Retail Platform” by FX Week 2014. Better understand how to maximize the capabilities of our multi-asset, award winning platforms with our comprehensive product guides.

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