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About Us

Find out more about Saxo Capital Markets. Learn who we are, what we do for both our customers and the communities we belong to, and why we consistently win recognition and awards from our clients and peers.

Forex trading & more

Saxo Capital Markets is the service provider with a comprehensive range of exchange-traded products and derivatives, and only one to offer collateral on stocks.

Trading when and where you need it

We are committed to making your online trading experience the best it can be. That includes making our trading platforms accessible via applications easily downloaded to your mobile devices.

Saxo Trading tools

Find out how the FX tools can support your trading.

Widest range of stock exchanges available

Whether it is stocks in the US, Europe or Asia, Saxo Capital Markets can give you access to more than 19,000 global Stocks via its online platform.

Is your investment secure?

Become aware of how you can improve the security of your personal trading platform.